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Why would I want to put my property in an auction?

1.  When you sell to a "cash buyer" you in fact are losing tens of thousands of dollars.  So called "cash buyers" are in fact glorified "paper flippers" or "fake cash buyers".  They get your property under contract then try to find a "real cash buyer" for the property.  They add a minimum of $5,000 to the price some go as high as adding $150,000!!  YOU SEE NONE OF THAT MONEY!! NOT ONE PENNY!!

2.  You might think, so what...  Well, that money is YOURS!  It is YOUR EQUITY.  They are stealing your hard earned equity.  Period, end O'story.

By going to auction you:

1.  Get in front of the "real cash buyers"

2.  Save all of YOUR equity.

3.  Are guaranteed to get the full market value for your property since multiple people will be bidding on your property.  Instead of settling on one "fake cash buyer" you get in front of THOUSANDS OF VETTED REAL CASH BUYERS!

4.  You do not need to spend another penny on the property.  All properties are auctioned off in "As-Is" condition.  No repairs are needed before listing.

5.  You get your property put in the best light possible in order to showcase the property.  We provide professional photography, video and aerial media at no cost to you.  Unlike the "fake cash buyers" we do not just swing by with our phone and take crappy pictures.

6.  You pay Nothing / Nada!   No listing fee.  No Closing Costs.  No commissions.  No Repairs.  No Media Fees.  NOTHING!

7.  You get ALL of the money from the sale price.  100% of it!!

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