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Steps to purchase a property.
Step 1.  Find an Off-Market Property:  Search our inventory below to find an off-market property you’d like to buy. Check back often the available properties change often.  Once you find a property you want to buy, send us your personal or business name and best contact email.  We’ll send you a DocuSign contract to secure the deal.  Once you find a property, you need to act fast.  All contracts are first come, first serve. We don’t do bidding wars.
Step 2.  Escrow:  Once you sign the contract (preferably within two hours of receipt), you open an escrow account by the end of the business day.  Afterward, send $5,000 certified funds (check or wire transfer) to the title company.
Step 3.  Close with the Title Company:  Once the
title company receives your funds, you will coordinate with the title company to finalize the deal and close the sale.
Step 4.  Finishing Touches:  We help you with details such as getting the keys to the property or finding out if there are tenants still in the property if it is a rental, etc.

Only a few properties that we have available are posted below.  If you don't see anything below that interests you, please send an email to with your criteria and Tap will get back to you with any available properties that meet your criteria as soon as possible.  Thank you.

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