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Tiny Fees

Has your listing expired or been cancelled due to inadequate representation?
If so, we are here to help you.

My team and I are experts in SELLING houses.  We do not appease the client in order to get the listing (as 95% of agents do).  We are honest with our clients and only price our listings to SELL.

We are very busy and as such, our time is very valuable to us.  We do not throw spaghetti or false promises at the wall to see what sticks.  We will however tell you what your house is worth and why.  We will go though the process with you in an intelligent, logical and comprehensive manner.  We will show you all the data and answer any of your questions.  We will recommend pricing your house very aggressively, but only aggressive enough to sell it for top dollar.  We will take HDR photos inside & out as well as aerial drone photos, video and virtual tour.   We are always there for our clients and we always answer our phone or return all calls within an hour.

We will go through every option with you, both on-market and off-market in order to find you the best deal for you.  FYI - 95% of "licensed agents" have no idea what off-market even means.  And if they do, less than 5% of those know what creative finance is or means.  We offer every single option to sell for our client and consult our clients on how to utilize them to get the best deal possible.  Most other agents have no concept of creative real estate transactions (which ads unlimited tools to the tool belt) much less how to explain them to their clients or how to complete creative deals.  My team and I are experts in creative real estate.

The four biggest mistakes sellers make:  (1) Hire an agent that only cares about getting the listing.  They will bullshit you all day long, they have no concept of comps or how to read and utilize them properly.  All they care about is telling you the number they think you want to hear in order to get the listing and (2) Hiring an agent that has no idea how to properly market the property.  As opposed to being aggressive and proactive they just put the property on the MLS and lay back and wait for people to call them.  Can you believe some agents actually take the pictures of the property with their phone as opposed to utilizing professional media?  It's so disrespectful to the homeowner.  (3) The third thing sellers do wrong is hiring an agent that only has one tool in their toolbelt (i.e. on-market through the MLS and passively wait for a conventional mortgaged buyer) and has no concept of "creative" real estate financing and transactions or how to negotiate the best deal for the seller and get the deal done.  My team and I are proactive and utilize multiple marketing, negotiation and closing strategies.  Due to the fact that we offer creative finance strategies, by default, we offer our client more options to sell their property than any other agent does.  (4)  Hiring an agent that has no idea how to properly set the property up to sell for top dollar.  They don't advise their clients on the things they need to do to sell the house for top dollar.

This is how it normally works with agents.  You give an agent the listing, Two months go by without a sale... They tell you a price reduction is needed (since they overpriced the listing in order to get the listing).  One month later, they ask you for another price reduction.  A month later the orchestra plays the song again.  This sick dance goes on for months.  At your expense.

My team and I are different.  We don't care if you list with us.  Don't get me wrong.  Obviously, we would love the opportunity to represent you and will nearly literally kill for our clients.  But, we will not bullshit our clients in anyway in order to get their business.  Just won't happen.

We have a rolodex of over 4,000 cash & creative buyers.  And over 2,000 brokers and 27,000 agents.  We know how to properly value and market your property to SELL...  And then we sell it...  Imagine that concept.

Sorry for the "bluntness", but, again, we don't have the time or desire to blow sunshine up your skirt.  We just want to sell your house for you at the highest sellable price and hopefully develop an amazing relationship going forward.  But this relationship must be built on trust, honesty and yes, bluntness.

Here's one more piece of good news for ya'.  We only charge a 1% listing fee to sell your property.  What you get is full concierge service.  Our rate includes everything on the listing side of the transaction. This includes professional photography, aerial photography, 360 virtual tour, marketing, MLS, yard sign, lockbox, managed showings, expert negotiations, purchase contract management and coordination with title and escrow.  See our 1% listing FAQ's here.

We only list property in the following areas:  Phoenix, Scottsdale, Paradise Valley, Fountain Hills, Tempe, Mesa, Chandler, Gilbert, Glendale (inside the 101 loop), Peoria (inside the 101 loop), Cave Creek & Carefree.

We hope to hear from you so we can help you with all of your real estate needs.   But if not, best of luck with your real estate adventure(s).


Tap, Team & Pups

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